who we are

BUSINESS ASSOCIATE SYSTEM CLUSTER (BASC) was invented with the concept of connecting prospective buyers and sellers of various Services and Products. Association of diverse professions combining various theoretical and practical experiences in Marketing, Insurance, Finance, Banking Operations, Accounting, Computer Applications, Industrial Relations, Consumer service and Information Technology that enables them to offer range of services and products that meets the immediate human needs.

As a BASC member, you enjoy investment opportunity with magnanimous benefits that guarantees financial security.

A shareholder in BASC , can access various products or services offered by Business Associate Partners and have the rights to earn profit form proceeds of purchase Insurance policies, Investments and Dividend.

Imagine the opportunity of receiving cash through referral of Families, Friends and acquaintances to BASC, Interesting!

There are earnings from every new associate that either buy or sell on our arithmetically tested platform.

What is your Security and Financial desires? Let BASC be the opportunity to fulfill them all.

Join BASC and look forward to your dreams become reality.