Associate Reward

The BUSINESS ASSOCIATE SYSTEM CLUSTER  is one of the best you can ever come across.It is designed to help you earn without referral,it is First come First Serve strategy (Associate reward *Matching bonus*every time your level is completed, and you will earn on every direct account you sponsor immediately the Associate upgrade (Referral bonus).

The referral part of this business gives you access to unlimited income,the more associate you register or use your tgcl id/ url as sponsor to register, you earn 15% of their registration fee. All it requires, is for every registered associate to introduce serious minded friends,colleagues,family and neighbors to run very fast with them. And for you to benefits every month you must shop at least once from our store.which lead to FINANCIAL FREEDOM You are also entitled to Sponsor/Referral Bonus, Stand Out incentives, Matching Bonus, Awards, Trips.

NOTE: Not to worry, we have a great team to help work out these stages easily. Just get your 1 account for 5k, 5 accounts for 25k or 25 for 125k and you will be receiving alert every month, because we share our profit with you, just imagine being a shareholder in a company, buy the company products, refer your friends to buy shares in the company, encourage them to also buy the company products, how will your dividend be?

Business Associate Reward

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