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A sum of money paid regularly (typically monthly) by TOLKUN GLOBAL CONCEPTS LTD to its Business Associates from the profit generated from sales of all Associates products and services in all sector; Just imagine being a shareholder in a company and you buy the company product’s, refer your friends and family to buy shares in the company, encourage them to also buy the company products, how will your dividend be? Same here on, you earn from every new associate that either buy or sell on the platform. We will be glad if you join our cluster and look forward to seeing you as a buyer and seller on the platform! Trusted by 5 Million online buyers and sellers Worldwide

After registration, upgrade your membership by paying N5,000.00 or equivalent to your country currency for one account using your payment card to pay.

Listed services that are free for your level can be view on the website.

The company pays in multiple ways, for every of your direct refferal you earn N750 or $1.88 and you earn 1-50% from the company profit every month

Click on marketing from your dashboard and share your links via social media to friends and family.

Either you refer or not the company pays you atleast 1% from it profit every month and you still enjoy a free service every month.

The company pay directly to your bank account or E-Wallet, you submit through your payment channel